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Whether you a planning an intimate couples-only wedding or a larger wedding with all your friends and family, Pop Up Weddings are here to help you to make your Wedding Day dreams come true. We are experts in Wedding Planning in Tasmania Australia. Browse all our locations and send us a message to start planning

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes.

From Couples Only to Micro and Larger Weddings, here at Pop Up Weddings, we can help you plan every aspect of your big day so that you can just enjoy the day. We offer locations all over the beautiful state of Tasmania, Australia.

Couple Only Wedding

Would you like to keep your Wedding Day super intimate, with just yourself and your partner? We have a range of Tasmanian elopement packages and you are sure to find one to suit you. Our team at Pop Up Weddings can also advise you on all the formal processes you will need for this type of Wedding and organise any additional needs such as flights, accommodation, honeymoons and pre and post Wedding activities

Micro Wedding

Micro Weddings often include close friends and family. Unlike a couples only wedding there can be extra needs for your guests and we love nothing more than taking this tasks off your plate. Whether it’s organising domestic or international flights, making sure your guests have everything they need for the big day or arranging group activities that take in the beauty of Tasmanian, we have you covered. Check out our range of packages below.

Pop Up Wedding

Intimate Weddings are great but want if you want to share your big day with loads of family and friends? We have you covered here too, we can help plan your larger Wedding amongst scenic Tasmania and make sure it’s Your Day, Your Way. Check out our Pop Up Wedding packages below.

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